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I got a job in Spain this January and needed to find a place where to stay, however I can't speak spanish, so I found it extremely difficult to search for an apartment. Luckily this company found me on Facebook. Seriously, this is exactly what I needed.

Easy Barcelona helped me greatly and at the right moment too. I told them some details about the apartment I wanted and they came up with a few offers matching my needs. If you are not from Spain and especially if you can't speak the language - I recommend these people. They are patient, trustworthy and just awesome.



I had an appartment reserved since 1 month. Everything was great and I did not think about it since my contact told me that I cannot stay there anymore. This happened one week before my flight to Barcelona. Having heard of Easy Barcelona, I wrote them asking to find an appartment that would fit me well (I asked to be flatmate with Spanish people, and to be near my university) . Two days later, I received something looking really great fitting with what I wanted, with some pictures.

I arrived today in my new apartment, and it is even better than what I thought. I have to tell you that they pick me up at the airport, even if my flight was some hours late. So finally, all I have to say is that they offer a really nice service, and that they are easily reachable at anytimes. 


DAVID KOHL, Austria.


I am an ERASMUS student in Barcelona for one semester. As I had exams back home, I could not move here until just three days before my term at university started here. So I would not have had any time for a proper apartment search. Luckily I heard about EasyErasmusing on Facebook and contacted them right away, which was a superb decision. They not only took care of all my requests and wishes, but also went to numerous apartments to personally take pictures and make sure everything was in place there. Now I am living in an amazing flat with great flatmates. Overall, I have to say that EasyErasmusing helped me to have a smooth start in a new city and made my move to Barcelona so much easier. Moreover, the EasyErasmusing team consists of a group of great people who are willing to help with anything at any time. Therefore, I can only recommend their services to anybody who intends to move to Barcelona or is new in Barcelona - you won’t regret it.

LOUISA ELLIOTT, United Kingdom.


When I found this website and subsequent flat online and I thought that it was too good to be true. Everything just seemed to perfect for me. Friends and family had told me (having moved from the UK) to be careful of companies and agencies that promise over the odds. I turned up to view the flat to meet Ramon, who answered all 200 pressing questions I had with equal enthusiasm! He took his time to show me and explain everything that he was going to do and didn't rush me out (which other flats I'd seen had done.) Easyerasmus, proved to me that what they were offering was not too good to be true and totally exceeded my expectations. They worked tirelessly day and night to make the flat ready for us to move in to and what a great job they did of totally revamping the place. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for this amazing company and with the drop of the hat they'll be there to help. Any problem no matter how big or small, seems to be solved by them with such a happy and friendly temperament. The flat is absolutely beautiful, such a little treasure in a perfect location! I haven't got a single bad word to say about Easy Barcelona and hope the company will grow and grow! If you have the pleasure to choose this company, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and you'll be overwhelmed by the generosity and genuine kindness and concern that they show you.



El semestre pasado estuve de intercambio en Barcelona; unos meses antes de ir conocí a tres chicas de otros países que también iban a estar de intercambio en Barcelona y decidimos vivir las cuatro juntas, pero encontrar un piso para cuatro personas no nos resultó tarea fácil. 
Por suerte contactamos con Easy Barcelona, considero que son personas que realizan su trabajo con mucha seriedad, buscaron durante meses un piso con buena ubicación, relativamente nuevo y en el cual pudiésemos estar cómodas las cuatro; finalmente nos consiguieron el piso perfecto!!! 
Aparte de ayudarnos a encontrar el piso, durante los 6 meses que estuvimos allí, Ramón se mostró dispuesto a solucionarnos todos los problemas que nos surgían. En verdad creo que gran parte de mi hermosa experiencia como Erasmus fue gracias a la ayuda de easyerasmus, ellos buscan la manera de que todo resulte más fácil y de esa forma poder disfrutar al máximo esos meses. Los recomiendo 100%. 



When I have decided to make my erasmus in Barcelona I was so enthusiast,but a lot of people warned me about the fraud accomodation who is very current in this city. Fortunately,I discovered the website "Easy Barcelona".  I couldn't speak spanish so Paola and Ramon helped me and cared with a special attention to search for me and my roomies the best apartment in Barcelona. And they succeeded! The Aribau flat was really good located and I couldn't imagine find better. Thanks to them I had a very quiet arrival in this awesome ciy and they made my move easier.



Looking for the perfect room in a good flat can be a stressful, hard process. I visited many other flats before I reached Easy Barcelona through Idealista and it was their seriousness and their efficient working method what made me choose them. The team is very nice and they are always ready to help whenever you need it. I’m staying at the Girona flat and it’s a dream come true: wonderful flatmates, a comfortable room, and a pleasant flat in a well-located area! I highly recommend placing your trust in them if you are thinking of moving to Barcelona.



I felt so lucky to be able to get the last room in the Girona flat, and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for: a fantastic location, really great house mates and a quirky, spacious flat, all within my budget. 




Very happy with  my room and the other housemates in the flat. We all get along really well! Huge living spaces for us to hang out, true Spanish living! Thanks!



Have had a great experience with Easy Barcelona. Ramón is fantastic, and takes all the stress out of finding a place to stay. My Spanish isn't very good and I could not have managed without this company! Thanks!

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