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It's all about festivals

We have talked about music festivals, cinema festivals, hamburger festivals... but what about an architecture festival? Yes, you've heard right. It's called 48 hours Open House and it will take place during next weekend. Some of the most well-kept artistic secrets in Barcelona will be open to everyone... and FOR FREE! If you check their website you will see that there is a huge list of open buildings, that's why we offer here some of the must-see (and some pictures below): 1) Sant Pau Hospital: As all of you may know this is one of the most famous modernist buildings in Barcelona, which has been recently reopened to visits.

sant pau hospital

2) Arús Library: A gorgeus modernist library, just something you can't miss.

arus library

3) Plaça del Diamant Bomb-shelter: An original shelter which was built by Barcelona people for the Spanish Civil War.

bomb shelter

4) Barcelona City Hall: One of the best chances to see history in real life. You can see in its wall the evolution of the building, from 1373 until now.

barcelona city hall

5) Barcelona sewage system: You don't always have the oportunity to get into one of the darkest places in the city. If you want to get lost in a laberynth of tunels, this is your place.

sewage system

6) Santa Maria del Mar terrace: Santa Maria del Mar is one of the most beautiful churches in Barcelona, but the views from its terrace are almost better.

Santa Maria del Mar views

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