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From a time ago, we are focusing on a very interesting project to make partying something different. The guys of “Bienvenidos a Barcelona” give the twist to those massive and impersonal huge parties with something more intimate and funny.

What do they got to offer? First of all, they doesn’t begin their parties at midnight, just focusing on drinking and dancing. The great new is they are making their pre-party meet-ups on Saturday, in the restaurant “Divina Pasta” in Carrer Aribau, 65, near the University.

They open doors at 21,00h and the rendezvous is in a place with music and food until 2,00, when the party gest harder. You can eat, you can chat and you can enjoy the people around you.

They care about the details: what about a restaurant with dance floor and a terrace? Where you can change the ambience without leaving the place? Exactly. The perfect place to warm up and be ready for a big night.

Drinks have special prices, food will be available all the time and the music is going to be a must.

Beer - 2€, Mojito - 5€, Sangria - 3€, Glass of wine\ Cava - 3€, Cocktail - 6€, long drink - 5€, Shot - 1.5€ and sandwich de miga - 1.5€

For more information: Bienvenido Party