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So, let's get started!

In our previous post we promised that we would recommend some beaches in Barcelona and surroundings, so let's start!

Our first spot is Ocata Beach. It's located in El Masnou, a nice coast town. It's a huge beach, with a lot of light. Actually is one of my favorite beaches, and that's why:

- Reachable in public transport

- You can have your own space, being a huge beach you can for sure lay in your towel without hearing what are your neighbors talking about (although sometimes that's also interesting ;))

- It's a really long beach so, when you are tired of the sun you can take a cool walk.

- The water is CLEAN. Yes, that's very important, I don't know if you have checked out some of the beaches in Barcelona, but in some of them it's better not looking under the water.

- If you don't want to have a picnic in the beach (that means if you are not a fan of eating sandy sandwiches) there's a lot of "chiringuitos" (that's the word we use for small bars in the beach) in the surroundings that you can check out.

How to get there: Just take the R1 from Catalonia square, and go down in Ocata Station.

Vamos a la playa and don't forget you sunblock!

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