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How long has it been since you last savoured something? I don’t mean a fast bite between classes, or a hotdog before work. I mean stopping and feeling all the flavours in your mouth. I think that you don’t realize about how long it has been until you do it again. And that’s what happened to me at Cheese’s art. I have to say that I’m a compulsive cheese eater; one of my mottos is that no one said ever that something had too much cheese on it.

But anyway, Cheese’s art is not only about cheese. It’s about quality, it’s about good ingredients, it’s about care. That care that you can feel in every plate, starting with the salad (I highly recommend the Magritte) going though their fabulous fondue (a fondue served inside bread, yes, right, who could ask for more) and ending with their homemade cheesecake. But quality is not an only good thing about Cheese’s art. It’s prices. They have affordable prices for all pockets,and good news for you guys, they just started an Erasmus menu for just 15 € (from Mondays to Wednesdays). You will be able to try some of their specialites, accompanied by some drinks (yes, we know you, we don’t forget about drinks).

So, if you want to bring your new “special person” somewhere, enjoy a night with some friends or you just have a cheese urge, go there, you won’t regret it.

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