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We are almost there!

I left you just in the corner with Portaferrissa street, right? Let's go!

Now the little kiosks just transformed in little flower shops. We are in Rambla de Sant Josep. If you look to your right you will see Casa Beethoven, one of the oldest music stores in Barcelona, you can find almost any sheet in the world.

Now we can see the Mercat de la Boqueria, one of the most beatiful and famous markets. I remember a time when they even sold bugs, yes, edible bugs.

Erotic museum, the most asked question to the recepcionist is: "Can I actually see naked women here?".

Fancy something sweet? Escribá bakery is your place. Don't miss its fabulous modernist vitrines. They sell edible jewels. See the dragon on that building? Its purpose was a marketing campaing for an umbrella store, now (as a lot of the old shops in Barcelona) a bank.

Watch your step! We are in the center of Les Rambles now, a painting made by Miró marks it.

We are entering the Rambla de Caputxins, and you know it because you have the Liceu theatre just there. It has gone through bombs and fires but it's still there, reminding us what a culture-friendly city Barcelona is.

Bacardí Passage, a commercial modernist corridor that is there since 1856. On top of it there is Arpi, a really old photography store, you can buy almost everything for your camera.

Keep walking and you will find yourself in Rambla de Santa Mónica. Look right and you will see Superman flying in the façade of the Wax Museum.

In this last segment you will find paintors that offer a portrait for 15 euros, a lot of living-statues, music-shows, break-dance shows, but please, watch your wallet.

See you in another life, brother!

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