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Traditional is the new hipster

There was a time for new cuisine, for trying and experimenting with food, but somehow we can't avoid going back to our origins. In Catalonia we have a lot of cooking tradition to offer. And there is a place, just in the middle of Gràcia which serves what we always used to eat in our grandmother's house. It's called La Pubilla. Talking about traditions... the name of the restaurant is not a coincidence. In the Catalan old houses there was a law to inherit. The first son, the "hereu", was the one who inherited everything. But a big power comes with a bring responsibility. He was the one responsible for giving jobs to the younger brothers, and to find a good marriage for the "pubilla", the oldest daughter in the family. Nowadays (thanks God) this law has been abolished. But even though, in a lot of towns a cities, once a year there is a beauty pageant, with only one requirement, only the Pubilla of each family can participate.

So, if you want to try real Catalan food for a really good price, don't hesitate. And you never know, maybe you will find a Pubilla for yourself ...

For more information: La Pubilla Gràcia

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