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Let's keep walking!

Let's continue with our amazing walk, shall we?

Here we can start seeing the little kiosks that nowadays, most of them, are selling just souvenirs, juices and ice creams. But when I was a little girl that was my favourite part of Les Rambles. That little kiosks, as you can see in the picture, used to sell all kinds of animals. They were like little zoos in the middle of the city. I used to go there with my parents and beg every five 5 minutes for them to buy me a chick. Actually one day I told my nanny (she was kind of Mary Poppins) to bring me there, and she couldn't resist my cute eyes and bought me a little duck. I'm just gonna avoid the reaction of my mother when we got home.

We continue walking and we can see a lot of black and yellow taxis going all over the place. Hear that? It's the twittering of the little green parrots that are considered autochthonous now. They have been living with us for more then 20 years and I think it's one fo the things that make Barcelona a unique city.

If you look to your right you can see Viena. The place to eat something fast before of after going to see a play in Poliorama theatre. They serve hotdogs, in Barcelona we call them "frankfurts".

Carrefour Market. The cheapest place in Les Rambles, and probably the most touristy supermarket in Spain.

Now we can see Palau Moja. It's the center of publications of Catalonia's government. Actually, it's the only palace in La Rambla. It's a great place to find shelter when it's raining.

At your left you have Portaferrissa street. Where it used to be located the main door to the medieval city. There is a fountain where that story is told and where water doesn't taste good, like on the most of Barcelona fountains.

If you take Portaferrisa and turn the first street to the right you arrive to Petritxol Street, go there and drink a "suizo" (as we call here hot chocolate). You can also take a look through all the modern and hipster (and for sure expensive) decoration shops.

I will leave you here today, see you soon!


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