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Take a walk with me!

Everyone coming to Barcelona know about Les Rambles. Everyone has seen it in pictures, everyone walks it and everyone takes photos in it. But... do we really know a lot about it? There is a lot more hiding there than you can imagine, and we will try to reveal all that secrets.

First of all La Rambla is divided into six different sections, each one with its personality. It's no the same the first part, the commercial one just next to Plaça Catalunya than the one that crosses with the Raval. So I will be walking through the first one, wanna come with me?

Rambla de Canaletas

Plaça de Catalunya. Next to the beginning of Las Ramblas we can find the mythical Café Zurich. For us (the people from Barcelona) it's been the meeting place since we were just teenagers. In fact, I don't know anyone who has actually drunk something there, for us it's just somewhere to meet in that incredible chaos that is the city center.

Plaça Catalunya. We can find a green stand that sells corn for the doves. Even though I don't recommend it. If you extend your arms they go on ou, and some of them are quite heavy.

The central bank. The scenario of the most famous robbery with hostages is now a mall called "El corte inglés".

Going down we find infinity of kiosks with huge publicity screens, selling t-shirts, souvenirs, toys... and, okay, they also sell newspapers.

Font de Canaletas. It's said that if you drink from it you will come back to Barcelona. And that if you go there when Barça wins the championship, maybe you won't come back.

If you look on top of the brewery you will find a wooden viewer, an example of the olg burgeoisie houses of Les Rambles, with a balcony on the first floor to see everything a little bit upper than anyone else.

Now you can start hearing the annoying sound of those stupid whistles. Whot he f**k invented them, and why did he hate us so much?

Club Capitol. One of the most famous theatres in Barcelona. One of the best humorists in Spain was performing there the same show for 15 years.

Canuda Street, when we used to find Canuda library, one of the most tragical losses in the city, where you could find every book you were looking for. Just next to it the Ateneo Barcelonés, meeting point of the Catalan independence movement.

Nadal pharmacy, decorated with a beautiful modernist painting.

And that's it for today. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about this amazing walk.


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