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A short trip to Christmas Land

Let's see... What does Christmas mean? Family, copious lunchs and dinners, infinite fights between two sides of the table (and even more right now) about the independence of Catalonia, escudella and Christmas carols. But... what is Christmas without snow?

It's rare to see Barcelona covered in white, even though lately the weather is just crazy and we have seen it a couple of times. Anyway, Catalonia does not end in Barcelona. It has plenty of locations and spots to see. And in this time of the year, I highly recommend the Catalan Pyrenees, specially a region called La Cerdanya.

If you go by car, you can see a radical contrast while crossing the Serralada del Cadí. Let me explain. You are driving your car, everything is brown and orange, and then you take the Cadí Tunnel (of course, don't forget to pay the toll). The Cadí Tunel is 5 km long, going under this huge mountain, and then, when it's over, here comes the magic. Suddenly you are in Chirstmas land. Everything is white, and in the mountain you can see little old towns with funny names and ski places. Let's face it, what would winter be without winter sports?

La Cerdanya can offer a lot of things to do in winter. Starting with ski, mountain hiking, ice-skating in a precious lake and lots of natural terms and spas. And, for sure, if you fancy a little shopping, you can always take a short ride to Andorra, which is the cheap-shopping paradise in Spain.

So, if you have some days off, rent a car or buy a train ticket to Puigcerdà (you can take it just from Sants Estació) and enjoy this unique winter paradise.

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