Unawared Art Pieces

December 9, 2013

“An image worth one thousand words” it’s a common expression in spanish that use to mean “don’t tell me: show me”. But it’s too the perfect definition of art: things you need to say, but it will take too long to tell, so you draw it. Our topic today is the art. Not any art, but street art. Barcelona is one of the most important cities for street art, and where the most important member of this speciality has left some of their works. Yes, Barcelona is one of the most important open-air gallery in the world... and it’s freeeeee.


Usually, the most important works are in the Raval neighborhood, because there is no other place in the city where the “exhibition” last very long. So, don’t stay at home that sunny Saturday and take your camera and a notebook and take a walk visiting a museum, you won’t regret.


Almost forgot: Has everyone painted in Barcelona? Yes, everyone, even Banksy. I couldn’t check it, but there are testimonies of a lot of people that confirm there is some stencils of the British artist in the city. How could I recognize them? Well, let’s say that the photo of this post could give you a hint. There are known as “Caballero with a can in the hand” and one of the few that sprayed was in Provença street, but it was erased by the cleaning services (Assholes! You have destroyed art priced in fifty thousand euros!).


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