(I ate so much that) I can't feel my legs

December 8, 2013

We risked and we won. We decided to visit Bun Bo Vietnam, a Vietnamese restaurant hidden in the Gothic Quarters with a lot of questions unanswered (raw fish, too much crab, too spicy, the searing doubt about the lizard...), and we made so many questions to the waiter that only her supreme patience avoided us to being slapped in the face with a raw fish. I suppose it’s clear to you that we are more of the type of the nerd than the hipster. After half an hour of delicious dishes we felt a remarkable sorrow about the food we couldn’t eat, and we felt embarrassed to ask if we could take it at home. All the time we felt we were in the middle of a travel through Asia, and when the waiter asked if we would like to have anything else, I felt the urge to say: “No, thank you! I have the rickshaw in the corner and there is a long way back home; but we will be back, for sure!”.


For more information: http://www.bunbovietnam.com/

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