The unforgetable mix

November 18, 2013

French will understand: they took from us the Cognac and we took from them the Champagne. At this point everything is fair. The unfair is that we can't name it Cognac or Champagne, and we are pushed to use elusive names like Brandy or Cava... but that's another story. The thing is that if you like to visit a typicall Catalonian place (don't confuse with typicall Spanish, Catalonia is not included in that kind of typicall; it has its own category of typicall and it's fascinating and rich) you MUST go to Can Paixano, and permit yourself the pleasure to drink sparkling wine and a selection of the best cold cured meats of Barcelona... ¿Paradox or bond of extremes? I prefer the term delicious.



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