Sweet dreams

November 7, 2013

Everytime I step in a bakery I'm 5 years old. Like a 5 years old child suddenly I realize that I can only expres myself with a fistful of words ("cake" "now" "please" and "or I'm not gonna talk to you again"). It's hard to write a review for a bakery, try it. 


Lolita Bakery is the über-bakery in every meaning of the word. You feel the compulsion of bitting everything, even the (supposedly) sugarmade counter (it's my theory). When I turned my head Ramón was not Ramón but Hansel looking at me with with a worried face waiting for an answer. There was a question before that silence? I'm not going to wait for him to repeat: "Cake! Now! Please!... Or I'm not gonna talk to you again!"


For more information: http://www.lolitabakery.com/



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