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Everything you want to know about us (*but are afraid to ask)

- What is included in the room price?


  • Gas, electricity and water

  • Wi-Fi

  • Rental contract

  • Assistance during all your stay 

  • Maintenance service and 24h emergency phone calls.

- It's necessary to pay a deposit?


  • Yes, you need to pay a deposit when you book the apartment. It will be the same cost as one month rental. When you leave, if there is no damage in the apartment, it will be refunded.


- Can my friends crash at my place when they visit?


  • You can have friends sleeping over for maximum 4 nights. But don't forget to tell your roommates before.

- Can I bring my dog/rabbit/fish/cactus with me?


  • No, pets are not allowed in the apartments. Well, okey, you can have your cactus.

- Are you real people?


  • Yes, we are real persons. You can actually ask for a skype meeting with us. 

- Can I meet my roommates before I arrive?


  • Yes, we offer the service of getting all of you in touch so you start knowing each other before you arrival. 

- Will you organize meetings?


  • Yes, we will organize some events during your stay in Barcelona so all of you can meet. Actually if you want us to help you organizing one, just ask us!

- Do I have to pay an agency fee?


  • No, we don't consider us an agency, but something more. 

- Are your services only for Erasmus students?


  • No, our services are open for every young person who wants to share an apartment and a great experience. 

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