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Let us tell you how we work:


Send an e-mail telling us which kind of room (double, with window, with balcony...)you would like to live in and in which type of flat (neighborhood, shared with Spanish people, with exchange students, price...). Besides, if there is someone in the same situation looking for something similar, we can let you get in touch in order to find a whole apartment for you to share (ok, we will not get involved in the fight for the best room, you are on your own ;).


If you like one of our rooms in our apartment you can just book it. But if you are looking for something else, don't worry, we can help you as well. 


As soon as you tell us what you are looking for, we will start looking for the best room/flat. We will send you photographs (periodically) so you can decide.


When you decide which one is the best for you we will go personally to visit it and check everything is ok, sending you pictures that we will take ourselves. Then, if it's ok for you, we will book it. 


That is the simple pack. But we are aware that the problems don't end in just finding a room. Check our... (ok, click the black button)


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