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Easy Erasmusing team
Paola Roig-Gironella



I can't even remember the first time I crossed the oceans. I didn't even know where we were traveling. I just got these photographs. I have visited half of the world and the other half is still waiting for me. Tell me about the inconveniences of living outside my country and make me laugh. I know what you need, because I needed it first. 

Ramón Esteban

Bargain Expert

You all have this friend who can find the real bargain. This is me. I've got a touch for it. I'm your Mr Wolf. I have been living far from my homeplace since I was 18, so I really know what the deal is. Never forget this is Barcelona, there will always be something cheaper, and I assure you I can find it.

Santiago Roig-Gironella


Real Estate Administrator

I have a degree in Law and I am a member of the Law College of Barcelona. I have 25 years of experience in real estate administration. I can help you dealing with your paperwork. Don't worry, I can handle this.

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